How It Works?

Wow Gifts is an easy and simple way to treat your gift recipient with the unique experience and give not only a present but life-lasting memories!

Want to know how Wow Gift card works? 

It is that simple: 

1. Choose the Experience from our offers. We hand-pick and collect the best services from our Partners. There is something for everyone and we add new Experiences every day. Don`t forget to read terms & conditions throughout.

2. Choose the package and delivery option: either you decide to Go Green with E-Gift or you want special packaging for the special person. We pack all our gifts individually and carefully. If you want to include a note for your recipient - please mention it in Comments box, while placing your order.

3. Each Wow Gift card is individually produced and coded. We provide all the relevant information, including the brief description of the Experience, the agenda, what to wear and other relevant details. We also advise you of any restrictions. Most importantly we give you details on how to redeem your Wow Gift Card for the experience of a lifetime. Our certificates have a 6-month validity from the date of issue. 

4. Contact our Partner to book the Experience, all contact information will be handed over to you with a gift and we always happy to assist you in case of any difficulties.

5. Visit the venue and have fun! Don`t forget to present the card or the soft copy to the Partner for hassle-free service.