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Wow Gifts is the new and exciting concept of gift giving, it`s not just another gift website!

You will not find here regular stuff, like handbags, perfumes or sunglasses, we offer Experiences which you can purchase for yourself or as a special present for your family and friends and make any day unforgettable!

More often than not, you’re not choosing a gift for “most people.” You’re shopping for someone you love and care about, a person with real interests and passions. 

So what is special about Experiences? Here`s the word from our CEO Nicolas Gremaud:

" Finding a gift for people you care about is always tricky. Who wants to receive another coffee mug or photo frame? I believe that gifts should not be just given and received, but experienced! This way you surprise the recipient twice: first when you hand over Wow Gift certificate in an attractive package to him or her. And second - when he or she redeem the certificate for memorable activity. It can be dance or music classes, relaxing day in the spa or culinary masterclass. Don`t forget also extreme adventures, like desert safari or bungee jump. The choice is up to you, you can find any experience you can imagine at our website. We are adding something new every day!"

Science is on our side too!  Recent studies by researchers at San Francisco State University showed people “enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them to be a better use of money.” Additionally, Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University found that overall happiness with material and experiential purchases is approximately equal at the time of receipt, but the overall satisfaction with material things bought goes down over time, whereas satisfaction with the experiences they had actually increased.

Are you a bit confused? Here is How It Works, it really is that simple!

Read more about Payment & Delivery options also.

If you have any further questions or want to join our Partners network - don`t hesitate and drop us a line: info@wowgifts.ae, we love to hear from you!

Stay tuned, more fun is coming soon!

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